BiS spreadsheet and upgrade paths

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BiS spreadsheet and upgrade paths

Post by Ranko on Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:25 pm

Every Warlock should make a copy of this on their own Google Drive.

This allows you to figure out the value of each stat point relative to spell power.

As we all know, there is diminishing returns on crit %, and crit %'s value is relative to spell power.

To use the spreadsheet, just simply edit your own copy to match your gear. You can then go to the character sheet and see what each +stat will give you.
For a quick reference, the Gear sheet itself will also show you the value of each gear given your current stats on the extreme right.

This will help you decide what is an upgrade, and what you should be using (DM trinket vs Eye of the Beast) at a given time.


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